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Personalized Medicine

We provide clinical delivery of personalized medicine for our patients based on Genetic Testing. We tailor medical treatment to the individual genomic characteristics of each patient. The approach relies on our understanding of how a person’s unique molecular and genetic profile makes them susceptible to certain diseases. It also helps our ability to predict which medical treatments will be safe and effective for each patient, and which ones are less likely to be.

Personalized medicine may be considered an extension of traditional approaches to understanding and treating disease. It attempts to increase the efficacy of therapies by leveraging the molecular methods including testing for variations in genes, gene expression, proteins, and metabolites. Test results are correlated with clinical factors – such as disease state, prediction of future disease states, drug response, and treatment prognosis – to help us individualize treatment for each patient.


Clinical care based on Genomics can target a specific part of the human genome or take a broader view with more complete sequencing. The decision would be based on whether the patient’s illness is driven by specific gene mutations or a broader, complex interplay between individual mutations. It will also be driven by previous testing outcomes and associated diagnosis.

Our clinic works with a wide variety of testing labs and genetic research universities across the country. Diagnosis is driven by experience with prior patients, interaction with other genetic physicians, counselors, labs and universities.